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Could a’, Should a’, Would a’…….

Travelling around the UK and Ireland working with clients on my 12 Month Profitable Growth Plan means I do spend a lot of time in local hostelries along the way. No, not in the pubs but in hotels for my overnight accommodation! My experience this week certainly wasn’t...

Have your say in the NBS Training Mindset Survey

As we enter 2021 with renewed hope, this is your chance to help NBS Training.  By sharing with me the pain points that are holding you and your Practice back right now will be a huge help to me when it comes to  understanding  the best ways I can support you and the...

Know your personalities – emerge strong and ready

I know it’s boring and frustrating being cooped up at home as we all are,  but there is stuff that you can do that would help pass the time and make for a strong return when that time comes.  If your nearest and dearest or the kids are driving you nuts with ‘things’...

Supporting Dental Teams through Covid 19

NBS Training is actively supporting Dental Practices and their Teams through this challenging time of Covid-19.  With so many questions and so much uncertainty for us all, it’s even more important to feel supported and know that you are a part of a robust supportive...

Dentistry during Coronavirus Observations

You are free to take 'em or leave 'em. I know many Dental Owners right now are extremely anxious about what to do, open or close, see patients or cancel them…. and so on. **** Keeping health risk to a minimum, NBS Training will be available online from Friday morning...

Speaking Events 2021

If you would like to book Tracy as a speaker at an event you are holding call 01438 217944

18 September 2021

Dentistry Show
Tracy Stuart LIVE presentation in partnership with Agilio

24 September 2021

Holiday Inn, Maidstone
1 Day Seminar: Growing Minds, Growing People

Unlocking capacity and potential for highly effective communication.

Becoming fully aware of our internal dialogue and its importance as well as our external dialogue both written and spoken.

Delivered by Tracy Stuart, Coach & Behavioral Specialist

Who Should Attend: Front of House, TCO's, Practice Managers

5 Hrs CPD

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To find out more Call 07782 220038 or Email:

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