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I know it’s boring and frustrating being cooped up at home as we all are,  but there is stuff that you can do that would help pass the time and make for a strong return when that time comes.  If your nearest and dearest or the kids are driving you nuts with ‘things’ you’d never noticed about them before – I can help! 

When people start to annoy the hell out of you, whether it’s the guys at home, the newsreader or your neighbour it’s so much easier to live with when you know ‘why’ they do that and how you can become super good at spotting the clues before an argument ensues and it blows up in your face.

For a start we are all wired differently.  Some thrive on daily contact, whether that’s by phone or meeting up and can’t keep quiet if there’s another person in the room!    It’s virtually wired into their DNA!  They gravitate towards others and find starting conversations with complete strangers easy, so being at home with those they know – super easy.  

The polar opposite of those folk are the ones that sit in a chair with their head in a task, oblivious to mayhem breaking out around them as the kids vie for attention.  They are comfortable with their own company and are happy to zone out.  However, take their freedom away and they will become agitated, frustrated and edgy.

Understanding  this stuff is powerful.  When you can sense those awkward moments bubbling up, not only does it place you in the driving seat but it enables you to diffuse them.

So let’s fast forward and look at life after lockdown, do you really think we will all emerge unscathed and pick up right where we left off? 

Not a chance.

The impact will be huge. 

In truth, life as we knew it has gone.  Having faced re-deployment, being furloughed, stuck at home, out of work or lost people close to us, there is no doubt it will have touched us all somehow.    Certain personality types will emerge stronger whilst others will be fearful and questioning everything.   However when you as a Practice Manager or Dentist  understand which traits reside within each personality type you will have invaluable insight and an ability to intuitively know who may be struggling  and those who are more resilient.  If you thought you had this covered before Covid-19 – think again!

As with your Team, your patients will emerge changed, feeling somewhat cautious and uncertain too.   Again it’s so important that your Team are able to spot the personality types too.   They will be able to dialogue directly with the patients fear or concerns and provide the provide the reassurance they need in a way they will appreciate the most.

Ignore taking action to prepare and work on getting this right and you will flounder.  Prepare for it and you will emerge strong, positive and well ahead of the curve.  I’m sure there isn’t a Practice owner or practice manager who doesn’t want to emerge from this strong but in order to achieve that, there’s work to be done and done now.

For the inside line on Personality Profiling  give me a call as I’m also an Accredited DISC  Trainer.  How cool is that!   

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