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Communication in the Modern Dental Practice

Words to the speaker are like oils to the artist. The words you choose are your medium of choice.  They bring depth, colour and vibrancy to your communications.  There are so many ways to effectively communicate with all things digital, it’s even more important to...

Meet the person responsible

Your Manager or Boss has just asked for a quick chat in their office. How did that make you feel? Anxious? Nervous? Racking your brain for something you may have got wrong…… No matter what the reason for the quick chat, which could be as simple as sorting out the...

So how can you make your team dynamic?

Where do you start? What do you need? In fact why do you even need your team to be dynamic – is it a pre-requisite to success? Truth is team dynamics are the intangible forces. The ones you can’t SEE but you just KNOW when they’re not there! One of the biggest...

The untimely passing of a dear friend Dr Anoop Maini

“The more boundless your vision, the more real you are.” Deepak Chopra Dr Anoop Maini didn’t want to just make a difference he had a vision and was authentic in his pursuit of it. He wanted to transform the natural order of things for the better, so I believe those...

Wtf is a business if it’s not customer-centric?

I’m sure you’ve come across the term customer-centric too but it’s left me asking - wtf is a business if it’s not customer-centric? Even charities need ‘customers’ because they need donations (…….they also need to meet their overheads and of course payroll…...) so...

Speaking Events 2021

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18 September 2021

Dentistry Show
Tracy Stuart LIVE presentation in partnership with Agilio

24 September 2021

Holiday Inn, Maidstone
1 Day Seminar: Growing Minds, Growing People

Unlocking capacity and potential for highly effective communication.

Becoming fully aware of our internal dialogue and its importance as well as our external dialogue both written and spoken.

Delivered by Tracy Stuart, Coach & Behavioral Specialist

Who Should Attend: Front of House, TCO's, Practice Managers

5 Hrs CPD

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