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Tracy Stuart is highly respected as a successful Dental Business Coach & Dental Team Trainer within the UK Dental Profession. The sole purpose of her company, NBS Training, is to mentor and coach dental practice owners and their dental teams. Her success lies in escalating the dental teams’ effectiveness and performance through enhanced leadership skills and bespoke personal development plans. Tracy is renowned for successfully transforming groups of individuals into highly engaged dental teams with accountability to drive dental practice results through behaviour. She is also a regular contributor to the dental press and is a frequent speaker on the UK dental conference and seminar circuit.
Business man holding various digital images in the palm of his hand

Words to the speaker are like oils to the artist.

The words you choose are your medium of choice.  They bring depth, colour and vibrancy to your communications.  There are so many ways to effectively communicate with all things digital, it’s even more important to understand what is effective and what is not!

‘Do you want fries with that?’


‘Would Madam like sauté, dauphinoise or triple-cooked hand-cut chips?’

Get my drift?  Those 2 simple sentences asking if you want spuds with that conjure up very different images in your head.  In an instant you knew  the type of place you might be, the quality of the food you are likely to get and leaves you in no doubt as to whether it will come on a china plate or handed to you in a recyclable box!

Image achieved in no more than 11 simple words!

Similarly you paint pictures in the minds of your dental patients and your colleagues.  Pictures with oodles of detail just like that.  Scary thought!

On the other hand I’ve also frequently heard that mono-syllabic  response ‘No’ by the  Dental Receptionist,  especially when asked   ‘Do you do NHS?’ or ‘Do you do Implants?’   Correct it may be however that is the  kiss of death to that conversion.

Did I say conversion by accident?  Hell No!  Dental patients asking these questions can still turn into loyal patients when handled correctly.   That just happens to be one of the questions they have asked it doesn’t mean they are not considering other options!

So how can you be more masterful with questions like  this for a better result?

Communication is an extremely involved process, as humans are wired to pick up signals from each other.  Signals we are consciously unaware we are sending!    Believe me we take far more from conversations than just the words that are shared as you gathered with the spuds!  So not only choose your words carefully check out on the other subliminal signals you are sending too.  Answering the phone, writing a letter, sending an email, formatting an SMS, Posting on Social Media, copy on your website, face-2-face conversations you have to be masterful with each of them as they all demand to be handled very differently if your message is to be effective.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that anyone can communicate effectively.  Whilst the internet and social media have made connection easier it has in fact made effective communication a lot harder.

For more on this and what NBS Training will provide to ensure your Dental Team are up to speed on being an effective communicator – give me a call 01438 217944

Tracy Stuart, Coach and Behavioural Specialist NBS Training 01438 217944