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Tracy Stuart is highly respected as a successful Dental Business Coach & Dental Team Trainer within the UK Dental Profession. The sole purpose of her company, NBS Training, is to mentor and coach dental practice owners and their dental teams. Her success lies in escalating the dental teams’ effectiveness and performance through enhanced leadership skills and bespoke personal development plans. Tracy is renowned for successfully transforming groups of individuals into highly engaged dental teams with accountability to drive dental practice results through behaviour. She is also a regular contributor to the dental press and is a frequent speaker on the UK dental conference and seminar circuit.
Black and white portrait photo of Dr Anoop Maini

“The more boundless your vision, the more real you are.”

Deepak Chopra

Dr Anoop Maini didn’t want to just make a difference he had a vision and was authentic in his pursuit of it. He wanted to transform the natural order of things for the better, so I believe those words are really poignant right now.

I feel privileged to have known Anoop, not just as a colleague but as a close friend.

Some people enter our life and we barely notice them leave.

Anoop was different.

He claimed his place in the life and memory of everyone who passed his way.

Anoop had a canny aptitude to naturally attract people whose passion and zest was on a par with his own and I’ve seen him inspire others with confidence when they faltered along the way. He also didn’t shy away from challenging thought or opinion and received everything with an open mind.

My heart goes out to Neera and his family who are no doubt endeavouring to make sense of all this.

For me, Dr Anoop Maini was a true pioneer who influenced the world in the only way possible – by being true to himself, his family and his vision.

“Authenticity is vulnerability.
Authenticity is being raw and real.
Authenticity is about the struggles in life.
Authenticity is about the joys and celebration in life.
Authenticity is all about being honest and true, and unashamedly the real you.”


Namaste my friend

Tracy Stuart, Coach and Behavioural Specialist NBS Training 01438 217944