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Tracy Stuart is highly respected as a successful Dental Business Coach & Dental Team Trainer within the UK Dental Profession. The sole purpose of her company, NBS Training, is to mentor and coach dental practice owners and their dental teams. Her success lies in escalating the dental teams’ effectiveness and performance through enhanced leadership skills and bespoke personal development plans. Tracy is renowned for successfully transforming groups of individuals into highly engaged dental teams with accountability to drive dental practice results through behaviour. She is also a regular contributor to the dental press and is a frequent speaker on the UK dental conference and seminar circuit.
Mirror with words around it froma brainstorm on responsibilities

Your Manager or Boss has just asked for a quick chat in their office. How did that make you feel?

Anxious? Nervous? Racking your brain for something you may have got wrong……

No matter what the reason for the quick chat, which could be as simple as sorting out the Christmas party, it is very unusual to find yourself thinking it will be good news!

Even when a neighbour comes knocking my immediate reaction is they have come to complain about something, not that they might have taken a parcel in for me!

Human beings have been wired this way for a very good reason. Fear the worst and you will be ready to fight or take flight pretty much. Survival! That poor old cave man probably started it all off when he set out to forage or hunt down his dinner, his senses on red alert as he ventured forth from his cave, hoping to get dinner not become someone else’s!

As you take a moment to think about this chicken and egg scenario, will you consciously realise that your thoughts influence your decisions and your decisions influence your actions, therefore your thoughts are a massive influence on what you do and say. A sudden desire to eat pot noodle or go on a lovely sunny holiday starts as a thought. The thought makes you feel good, comforted, happy, relaxed, warm and in turn you consider going and buying your pot noodle or booking your holiday soon. Finally you execute the thought and take action.

Without that thought in the first place – nothing would happen.

Thoughts are the catalysts for triggering what follows….. feelings, words and actions.

Being mindful about what you think goes a long way towards taking responsibility for your life and the direction it goes as well as the success you achieve.

Applying the same mindfulness towards your team and your patients and you will quickly understand why it’s so important to get those interactions on point….

If a colleague asks for your help and you say yes in a minute then don’t show up, how do you think that will make them feel? Are they likely to help you next time you ask?

When a new patient calls the Practice to find out if you take NHS patients or about the treatments you do and receive mono-syllabic answers in return leading nowhere, is it any surprise they don’t go ahead and book?

A great way to step up and take responsibility for your reality which you are single headedly responsible for creating, is to put this somewhere you see it often throughout your day – your phone, your wall……..

Think, feel, speak, do…
makes others
Think, feel, speak, do too!

Tracy Stuart, Coach and Behavioural Specialist NBS Training 01438 217944