Treatment Coordinator & Receptionist Core Performance Training

4 Keys to success!

Treatment Coordinator & Receptionist Core Performance Training

Your clients are animals. There I’ve said it!

In fact, we all are. As human beings we are all nature’s beast, just like any other. The reason it is important to share this with you is because you have to understand we are not rational, logical human beings. We are emotional beasts. Every single decision your customer makes is an emotional one and recognising this is one of the first of the 4 keys to success.

Nobody will ever admit to making emotional decisions, after all we are part of the human race and therefore much too clever to behave like an animal. So what we do is use logic and reasoning to justify the emotional decision we’ve made. The emotional decision comes first, the logic and reasoning second.

For example I recently bought a new computer. Did I need one – probably not, but I wanted one. Having decided I wanted one and that it would make me ‘feel good’ if I had one, my logic and reasoning then kicked in to justify why I had to have it. I could give you a hundred very logical reasons why I should have it. See what I mean? We all do it.

Your clients' are no different they buy emotionally first and foremost. NBS Training will work with you to strengthen your core knowledge to help you recognise and understand these emotional triggers, teach you how you can harness that knowledge positively to get new clients, as well as win more case acceptances, build client confidence and how to make the patient journey for all your clients a positive experience, not just the first time but every time.

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"After 14 years as a full time chair side Dental Nurse I found the idea of becoming a TCO quite daunting! What can I say! Our Practice has been transformed and I am now a full time Treatment Co-ordinator and I can honestly say I enjoy my job immensely. The whole Practice has benefitted by having a positive, less stressed environment and an increase in high end case acceptance rates. Every practice should have a Tracy on board ... I just want to say a big thanks, you have changed my life!"

Leanne Hynes

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