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You can’t be successful without a healthy stream of clients and for that you need effective marketing. All effective marketing – that’s marketing that actually works – isn’t all about having the shiny new gizmo to bring more customers to your door, although I know of plenty of companies who will have you believe otherwise!

Effective marketing is the distinction between tactics and strategy. The tactics are all the things you can use in your strategy – pay per click, SEO, social media, direct mail campaigns, never to be repeated offers, ads in your local paper... etc But to be able to choose the right tactics you must have a clear strategy – where do you want your business to go? Who are you trying to reach? How much can you afford to spend to get a new client? How are you going to maintain that relationship once you have got them?

Then how do you know which bit works? Well that bit is easy you test and measure of course and NBS Training will show you how you and your Team can start doing this. Once you have this information you will be able to stop the things that don’t work and do more of the things that do!

Communication is key to any successful relationship and your dental clients are no exception. When was the last time you engaged with your clients outside of an appointment? How do you know they are not interested in hearing from you? Do they know as much as you would like them to about your business and what you offer? Do you think you might get client attrition because someone else is engaging with them? Do you struggle with an efficient and professional communication line?

NBS Training will give you access to our Marketing Kitbag to help you with useful resources which you can endorse and use as your own. The material has been designed to give you the edge over the competition. It will communicate your message clearly, succinctly and professionally and allow you to focus on running your business and above all will make your clients feel valued.

Make sense? ……then contact me today and take the first step to making your marketing ‘earn its keep’ within your business.

"Having completed Tracy’s intensive training programme our business has been transformed however for us this is only the start and we know that Tracy will play a massive role in the future of our business and has a wealth of management experience which we often call upon!"

Derek Bingham

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