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How to get over the negative press in your Dental Practice ...

Good communication is key to every business. Whether its improving on your written or verbal communication lines within your business; how to get your clients giving you great feedback, or even the other end of the spectrum and dealing with negative reviews or an unhappy client. It may surprise you to hear there are positives in all of them, including the negative ones, if you know how to flip them to your advantage.

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Practice Growth

5 Day Peak Performance Programme

A 5 Day Programme that is guaranteed to be as unique as you and your business!

How? Because it is designed in conjunction with You to achieve your specific goals over an agreed 5 day split schedule allowing you time to adopt/adapt/implement before the next stage.

This is a very intensive Programme for the whole Team but highly effective and the results are often felt immediately. This programme will also highlight any flaws that may be adversely affecting your business too that you may not be aware of and of course how to deal with them.

If you are serious about growing your Practice then this is the Programme for You.

Team Development

Treatment Co-ordinator Development Day

  • Increase Practice Profit
  • Hold onto your Patients
  • Dealing with telephone fumbles

This 1 Day Workshop is ideal for anyone who is considering or is actively carrying out the role of a Treatment Co-ordinator.

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