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About NBS Training & Tracy Stuart

NBS Training was founded by Tracy Stuart who is Director, lead trainer and practice development specialist. Tracy did not learn her skill by chance, or from a text book but from real time experiences during the dental career she sort of got pushed in to! More about that in a minute ...

Tracy's 20 year career in the Dental profession has been one of continuous development, which have seen her mentored by some of the most highly regarded training professionals in the world.

Some 8 years ago she embarked upon a new challenge which was to herald the start of a new direction for her and bring about positive change within Dental Practices across the country. Tracy’s reputation grew as it became clear that her unique approach – worked and brought results for businesses across the country that had previously become disillusioned with training programmes. The results Tracy brought about would see them increase their profits year on year, with a team that was totally focused and harmonious.

So successful was she that NBS Training was formed and is the culmination of all Tracy'’s experiences and her ultimate vision – to create training programmes different from any others out there. It is candid, fresh and focused and guaranteed to bring about positive change and financial reward when followed. NBS Training delivers the results forward thinking businesses want in a way that is sustainable, highly effective, totally achievable, fun and plausible to even the most reluctant Team player!

If you are done with training programmes that leave you feeling like you are treading water then contact me today and schedule a call.

For those of you who are still wondering about this career Tracy got pushed into then read on...

She vividly remembers her Mum telling her it was back to college or find a job when unbeknown to her, her Mum had already found a vacancy at a local Dental Practice and had applied on Tracy’s behalf! It seems her Mum had overlooked the fact that Tracy was needle phobic so Tracy didn’t for one minute think this would work. She recalls that awful day the GP gave her 2 containers and told her to keep them in the fridge for her two further vaccinations! If she had known this beforehand, you would not be reading this now!

So Tracy's rather dubious career began and she managed to put her phobia behind her and qualified as a Dental Nurse, she then progressed to Receptionist and was soon to become one of the first TCO's in the UK at the mere age of 19 and Managing Practices before her 21st birthday. She was also studying the BTEC management programme.

Tracy considers herself very lucky to have had the opportunities she did and she grabbed every one. She worked with some fabulous Practices that were very passionate about dentistry, patient care and educating their team. She travelled the world gaining experience of how a dental business should be run. 

In 2006 she progressed her career again, this time as a dental team trainer, when a fabulous opportunity came her way from the UK's largest valuation company which allowed her to travel sharing her expertise and passion whilst making dentistry fun and profitable.

Tracy had found her niche and went on to join Designer Dental Training as a Director responsible for their entire training programme.

NBS Training is not for everyone but it does offer everything that is good about training if you are serious about getting results. If you want to increase your profits, leverage your position in the market and have a Team that works with you then contact me today and schedule a call.

NBS Training is an independent training company based in Hertfordshire delivering its training programs to businesses throughout the UK, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and abroad.

"The Team are putting more into and getting more out of their work. I have more free time, am doing less general admin and do more of the high-end cosmetic and restorative work that I enjoy. And the bottom line? Monthly profits have increased by 27% and are still rising! The investment in the training has easily paid for itself already."

Peter Farange

Tracy Stuart

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