5 Day Advanced in-house Training Programme aimed at the Dentist and their Team

5 Day Advanced in-house Training Programme
aimed at the Dentist and their Team

If you wish you could improve your profitability but NOT your overheads

In the main the difference between winners and losers isn't circumstance: it's attitude.

The Dental Practice Peak Performance Programme has been developed for Dental Practices and their Teams who know that the correct attitude will bring results: circumstance is inconsequential. Why? Because business owner or customer every decision we make is an emotional one - fact. We may then apply logic and try to rationalise our decisions but our emotional instinct is the decision making trigger. Therefore attitude is everything. The results you get are determined by the actions that you take. The actions you take depend on how you feel. Therefore, how you feel determines the results you get in your business.

Developing the right attitude has to be holistic and cannot fall to the single person who answers the phone! The whole Team have a part to play in improving profitability and safeguarding the success of the Practice and for this reason NBS Training have developed its own Dental Practice Peak Performance Programme that no Dental Practice can afford to be without (unless of course, you disbelieve the theory that attitude is your catalyst to success. In which case please don’t waste your time reading further as this won’t be for you.

Learnt behaviours are often the hardest to undo, which is why you and your Team have never quite managed to implement those ‘good ideas’ from your last training experience, but with NBS Training working alongside you, that is all about to change.

The Dental Practice Peak Performance Programme will provide you with the answers to keep your business healthy and strong. It will show you ways to ring fence your business, beat the competition into submission, sustain achievable growth even in the current climate, and have a Team who are happy and motivated. Proven strategies – that work.

Still not quite sure? ... then contact me today to schedule a call and take the first step to making change happen within your business.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. It took Practice Management and Reception training to a new level. The course was worth every penny, and I would highly recommend to all Principals, practice managers and patient co-ordinators to attend….. if you don’t you’re missing out!!"

Anjie Keshwara

Practice Peak Performance

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